Lucky Blossom Ring

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This ring is more than a little bit special, you see it never looks the same. 

One moment the Alexandrite stones at the centre of the blooms will be the most beautiful pale pink. Look again and they will have turned a vivid purple, and then without warning, a light green. Discovered in April 1834, it is said to be "an emerald during the day and a ruby in the evening." Akin to every woman I've ever known! 

Gamblers favour the stone as they say it increases your chances of winning, bringing you good fortune. It is said to calm and pacify the wearer and those around it. Alexandrite fosters imagination and fuels creativity, especially when it comes to solving problems. 

Wear yours as a good luck charm. 

Choose between golden (silver plated in 24carat gold) blossom or sterling silver, depending on your preference. The first picture shows the exact ring, in gold. The rest give you an idea of how the blossom rings look when worn. 

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