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Love Bangles

Contentment Bangle

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"Find the silver lining" is on the outside of this bangle and "Happiness" is on the inside.

This is a gentle reminder that there is good in most situations even if you have to look for it. Maybe someone you know is a little blue and could do with absorbing a little happiness? Happiness begins with gratitude. Be thankful for the silver lining, make a point of noticing it and it'll change your world.

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Additional Info

This is a narrow bangle. Made from sterling silver it's 6mm wide and 2mm deep. So is solid and comfortable but more of a whisper...
 It can be adjusted to fit your wrist by gently widening the gap so you just squeeze it over the narrowest part of your wrist. If you want you can squeeze it shut, just as gently and simply leave it there to work its magic.It won't hurt if you wash, shower and just get on with life and let it become part of you!