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Snowdrop Earrings


Pearls are one of the few things which will never fade in beauty or in fashion. These are exceptional real, fresh water pearls that I choose myself.

Wear these delicate pearl drops all year, not just Spring, to help you look to the future and all that you can be.

Often given to mark special occasions, I gave a pair to my daughter on her wedding day.

Sold as a pair, your handmade earrings will arrive nestled in a blue velvet box. As is the nature of pearls and handmade pieces, they may vary a little from the pictures and each other. Like you, their uniqueness is part of their charm.

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Snowdrop earrings-1.jpg
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Additional Info

Fresh water Pearl drops approx. 8mm x 11mm (15mm including setting)

Settings are 9 carat gold

It can take up to a week for me to finish each order, as I work alone in my workshop! 

I will try to get it sent to you as soon as possible, and will update you the moment it ships.