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Sparkler Earrings

Fire Sparkler Earrings

from 150.00

The most fire filled of the Sparklers, these stones glisten and burns as they move. 

The Elizabeth Taylors of the collection! 

Cubic Zirconia is ethically man made and utterly flawless. A stone of the Moon, it connects us to Mother Nature, promotes peaceful sleep and protects after dark. 

Choose between Sterling Silver, 18ct gold vermeil or solid 9ct gold for your settings. The stones will vary slightly but I will choose two that complement each other. As I hand make each of your Silver May pieces there will be slight variations that make them as unique as the wearer.

They look a bit blue in the pictures, as they're reflecting the sky. In person they are clear and very, very sparkly! They'll happily catch and reflect any light that comes thier way. 

(You'll notice Rose is wearing a different stone, but it should give you an idea of how they sit!)

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Silver May Earrings-1.jpg
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