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Prosperity Pendant

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Citrine is the sun stone, it brings good fortune, good luck and success, especially in business. 

This luck is shared with those around you and it is said to promote generosity.

The Prosperity Sparkler brings hope, mental clarity, confidence and dissipates the fear of being alone. A gentle reminder to be your own best friend, your own hero and treat yourself with the kindness you deserve. 

Each pendant measures 33mm from the top to the bottom of the setting and contains a generously sized 18mm faceted citrine.

The chain I have chosen for your Sparkler Pendant is a classic curb chain which is heavy enough to balance the shape of the large pendant and strong enough for you to add your other treasures if you wish.
This is a 30” chain but can be adjusted to 28’ or 24”. In the picture Rose is wearing it at its longest setting. 

Setting & Chain:
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Prosperity Sparkler Pendant.jpg
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