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Sparkler Rings

Sizzling Sparkler

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Rutilated Quartz is incredibly powerful.

The sizzling golden threads bring intense energy, activate creativity and are said to quickly move your life forward in the direction you intend.

It promotes healing and good health, and just so happens to be my favourite. 

(You'll be asked for a British ring size when you add to cart.)

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Silver May Sparkler Rings-2.jpg
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Additional Info

Sparkler rings come in:

Solid sterling silver.

Gold vermeil which is sterling silver with 18 carat gold plating.

Rose gold vermeil which is sterling silver with rose gold plating

9 carat gold is solid gold, and will last forever and ever! 

Each ring is made lovingly by hand and each natural, 18mm x13mm stone varies slightly in size and colour so no two rings are exactly the same. You will be asked for your British ring size when you "add to cart", the ring will be made as close to this size as possible but may vary slightly.