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Tiny Sapphire Rings

Silver Sapphire Ring


Believed to protect loved ones from envy and harm, sapphires have been prized by every civilisation since time began. 

They’re said to promote loyalty, faithfulness, truth, sincerity, constancy and reliability, making them the clear choice for both lovers and friends. 

These pretty, delicate little rings can be slipped on and worn every day. Wear them one by one or stack them together as a collection. 

These hand crafted rings are made from Sterling Silver and each hold a glittering natural sapphire. 

Choose from Sky Blue, Petal Pink or Snow White and be sure to find out your British ring size. 

As I make each piece to order, please allow at least a week for your order to be made and sent out. 

Sapphire colour:
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Silver May Sapphire Rings-19.jpg
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