silver bangles
Words are powerful. There is no doubt about it.
These comfortable, solid silver bangles are more than just a pretty face! On the outside of your bangle is a thought provoking quote aimed at gently reminding,you each time you catch sight of it, something you need to remember.
But the real strength of these bangles is on the inside. Words against skin, infusing your body with their strength.
The inside of the bangle will say “Love” “Happiness” “Health” or “Wealth” and will be matched with a meaningful quote on the outside.
Find the quotes that speak to you and the secret powerful words that you want to rest against your skin.
Those become your collection, which is one of a kind... just like you!
They can be given to a lover, mother, friend, brother, sister, or best of all yourself.
— Silver May
Soulmate Bangle
from 115.00
Achiever Bangle
from 115.00
Wellbeing Bangle
from 115.00
Custom Bangle
from 130.00
Promise Bangle
from 115.00
Contentment Bangle
from 115.00
Worry-Free Bangle
from 115.00